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Hey You, Yeah, You! If We’ve Spoke On The Phone Or Had A Consultation And You Want An Appointment, Pay Your Deposit Here.

And remember all tattoo appointments must be secured with a non-refundable deposit. This deposit is not an extra charge or drawing fee, it is included in the total price of your tattoo and will come off of the final session. Deposits will vary from $40-$400 depending on the amount of preparation, size and amount of time being blocked off for your tattoo appointment. DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE & WILL BE FORFEIT WITHOUT 48 HOURS NOTICE!!! So don’t leave a deposit if you’re not serious and give me some proper notice (48hrs) if you need to re-schedule. I’ll always work with you on re-scheduling your appointment as long as you give me 48 hours notice. ATTENTION THE PAYPAL TAB WORKS LIKE THIS: QUANTITY OF 1 EQUALS 20$ USD, SO THE AVERAGE DEPOSIT BEING 60$ WOULD BE QUANTITY OF 3, QUANTITY OF 5 A 100$, ETC. PLEASE CALL (910) 238-2056 WITH ANY QUESTIONS.



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